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After a period of approximately two years and a certain number of festivals, Associate Members of the Guild can apply for full membership. They are assessed by two highly experienced, senior adjudicators who are normally members of the Guild's Council. A report is prepared for the council and the Chairman of the Guild will invite the associate member to become a full member.

You can download the entire directory as a PDF by clicking the download link below. 

Christopher Baglin
Dave Bennet
William Burns MBE
Sue Doherty
Charles Evans
Paul Fowler
Alan Haslett
David Henson
Ben Humphrey
Chris Jaeger MBE
Bev Jenkins
Michael Kaiser
Louise Manders
Scott Marshall
Julie McLoughlin
Robert Meadows
Jan Palmer Sayer
Keith Phillips
Michael Poyner
David Price
Helen E. Sharman
Jennifer Scott-Reid
Jeannie Russell
Colin Snell
Cherry Stephenson
Keith Thompson
Sonia Wooley
David H. Williams

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