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About the Guild


The Guild of Drama Adjudicators (GoDA) is the internationally recognised body for the adjudication of all forms of theatre. Founded in 1947 with membership limited to those with extensive experience of amateur and professional theatre it is the longest established organisation of its kind. 


The original membership of GoDA consisted of forty-six founder members; the admission of additional members has been carried out mainly by means of rigorous selection weekends that test candidates on all aspects of adjudication. 


All members and associate members are bound to observe certain minimum conditions of engagement. As GoDA is not an agency, negotiations for engagements must be made direct with the adjudicator. GoDA will, of course, provide information and assistance to festival organisers and those seeking to engage its members. 


Members of GoDA are drawn from a wide range of professional and amateur theatrical and performance backgrounds and include actors, directors, stage managers, designers, teachers, vocal coaches and writers. More than eighty percent of our members have professional stage experience as actors, directors, or stage managers and many members continue to work in professional theatre, broadcasting and performance. 


Most members of GoDA are willing to adjudicate at speech and drama festivals and eisteddfods and to lecture on drama and various aspects of theatrical and performance art. Members may also be available as directors of plays, operas, musicals and workshops or as reviewers and independent consultants. 


Should you require any more information about GoDA then please do not hesitate to contact the Hon. Secretary by using our Contact page.

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