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Becoming a Member of GoDA


Being an adjudicator is not an easy job but it can be a very rewarding one. GoDA's members are highly qualified and are held to a very high set of standards. The process of becoming a member of GoDA is set out below and is aimed at helping prospective candidates decide if being a GoDA Adjudicator is for you. If you need any further information on becoming an adjudicator, please contact GoDA's Secretary using the 'Contact' page. If you wish, she will also be able to arrange a informal chat with an experienced GoDA member, giving you relevant one-to-one insight into the work of an adjudicator.

GoDA periodically organises training days designed to give prospective candidates an insight into the life of an adjudicator. Experienced and Senior Adjudicators from the guild speak on all aspects of the art and craft of adjudicating and run discussion sessions that prospective candidates are encouraged to partake in. During the afternoon a short play is performed by a visiting theatre company and prospective candidates are able to try their hand at offering comments and possible marks in a supporting workshop environment.

The training day is not a mandatory part of the process of becoming a member of GoDA but those who do attend it find that it is incredibly helpful should they wish to go on and apply.


If you have decided that you would like to become a GoDA Adjudicator and are ready to apply to the guild then the next step is to contact the guild's secretary. The secretary will then supply you with an application form that must be completed and returned. Your application will then be considered by the guild's council and if successful you will be invited to attend a selection weekend.


Once you have completed 6 festivals as an associate member of the guild you will be invited to apply for full membership. Your 7th festival will be assessed by two senior adjudicators who will then make their report to the guild's council. If you are recommended for full membership of the guild you will be notified officially by the Chairman. You will be entitled to use the post nominal letters GoDA. 


If you are successful at the selection weekend you will be offered Associate Membership of the GoDA. You will be assigned a mentor who will be able to offer advice and guide you through the first stages of your life as an adjudicator. You will be entitled to use the post nominal letters GoDA (Assoc.)


On the first day of the selection weekend candidates are examined on their knowledge of the theatre and theatrical literature, complete a written paper on their responses to festival situations and undergo an interview with a panel of experienced members of the guild. In the evening they attend a performance of a play. The following day the candidates will provide both a written and verbal adjudication of the play.




Attend Festivals

The best way of learning about adjudication is to attend festivals and see other adjudicators in action. Every adjudicator and every festival is different so the more you attend the better.


Talk to Adjudicators

Most adjudicators would be happy to talk to you about GoDA and the life of an adjudicator. 


Read Plays - Lots of Plays

Reading plays is an essential part of the job. Getting used to reading them (and lots of them) is essential. 


Attend Theatre - Professional and Amateur

It is a given that as someone with an interest in GoDA attends theatre regularly and it is likely that you will have done so for enjoyment. Start watching theatre with a critical eye. What worked? What didn't work and why? What could make the production better? Developing a constructive response to performance is key to adjudication.

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