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All new adjudicators are at first Associates and then assessed again after six engagements to become Full Members. Our latest two Associates Bob Tomson and Tristan Marshall, two highly qualified individuals, have now become Full Members.

Their vast knowledge and exemplary communication skills totally impressed their assessors and GoDA is delighted to welcome them, knowing they will deliver a very high quality of adjudication and no doubt will be very popular with festivals.

In March we also ran a selection weekend for candidates who had attended our introduction weekend in February. There were four candidates, Jo Matthews from Ealing, Martin Parr from Sussex, Annie Rees from Herefordshire and Mary Meaney from Gowran in Kilkenny, Ireland

After a weekend packed full of interviews, tests, verbal and written adjudications, we are delighted to say all four candidates were accepted as Associates and will soon be included on our website in time to help festivals with their planning for next years festival season.

It is rare that we accept all candidates, but it was felt on this occasion that each of them brought different skillsets and in time would all make excellent adjudicators. We hope that festivals will help them start their journey to becoming full members.

Congratulations to them all!

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