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Guidelines for original scripts

It has become increasingly frustrating to many adjudicators how often we are presented with plays with virtually no information. When we are reading them in preparation for adjudication, life becomes very difficult without that information.

Festival organisers - could you please request that writers of new, unpublished scripts give the following information with new plays; and writers, you can make things easier for everyone by doing this before you submit your play:-

· The name of the author

· The title of the play

· Number the pages on the script

· Give a cast list with the sex and rough playing age if relevant, the relationship to other characters and maybe a one-line pen-picture. Also indicate any doubling.

· A brief synopsis of the plot and setting

· Very short cv of author including if ‘youth’ and if this is a first ever piece of writing.

· Any other relevant information that might help us to understand the intent of the play or the story behind it.

Thank you!!!

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