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Anna Beaney

Admitted to GoDA 2011




01473 620062



07790 586781


57 Wright Lane





Qualifications and Experience    

Anna Beaney graduated from University of East Anglia and subsequently taught English and Drama at Suffolk College in Ipswich.  Combined with this were Communication Skills which covered interview skills and nurturing confidence and self belief - an extension of drama.  She was very involved using drama in motivating non-achievers.


During this time she set up her own theatre company which allowed members to explore the lesser known plays, and ones not necessarily money making for amateur theatre companies - an important issue for the majority of groups today. Although the company was nonprofit making they were able to enter the All England Festivals in both Wales and Felixstowe where they achieved nominations. One highlight for her was ‘Agamemnon’ which was performed in a small studio and incorporated dance and music, and some spectacular doors.


Anna has also appeared in a Channel 4 dramatisation of the siege at Waco in the United States, and also in a number of experimental pieces destined for television.


For the past thirty years she has been actively involved in amateur drama, both acting and directing, and has successfully entered festivals gaining awards at the All England Festivals for both acting and directing. A very successful production, very close to her heart, was ‘The Roses of Eyam’ as she was able, for the first time, to incorporate both the adult and youth section of the local drama club. Anna is particularly interested in encouraging actors to be bold enough to push the boundaries and enjoys seeing all ages reach their potential.

Future Adjudications    


74th Welwyn Garden City Youth Drama Festival 

Radnorshire YFC Pantomime Competition 

Saltburn Drama Festival

Recent Adjudications    


Brentwood Drama Festival



Woodbridge Drama Festival

Brentwood Festival



Gibraltar Drama Festival


Elmbridge Drama Festival

Bedford Drama Festival



Sawston Drama Festival

Other Information    

Prepared to travel and stay overnight.

Also have contacts for accommodation in the following: Bedford, Chelmsford, Leicester and Grantham.

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